Each term we take a contemporary issue and reflect on what the Bible teaches us. Below are some of the issues we have previously looked at.

God created humanity to be fruitful, multiply and rule the world. Although disfigured by sin, and awaiting the perfect new creation, what does it look like for us as Christians to continue to live out the cultural mandate? Should we simply withdraw from the world or seek to bring heaven on earth here? Or is there a middle way?

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Paul describes singleness in 1 Corinthians 7 as a Gift. Yet for many Christians, singleness feels like a significant trial. With both these truths in mind, it is important that the Church both celebrates and supports singleness.

The EU Referendum seemed to bring nothing but tension and division and yet it was meant to be a picture of democracy and choice. Peter shared some biblical reflections on the topic just before the vote took place.

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