Christians believe that every human being on the surface of the earth is uniquely significant, whatever the circumstances of their birth or upbringing.

Our gifts and our opportunities are not merely thoughtless by-products of chance. Men and women have extraordinary abilities because God made us to bear an extraordinary responsibility. God made us to know him, to relate to him, to appreciate him and to represent him in his world.

Does that idea find an echo in your heart? If it does, you're not alone. Confident that the God of the Bible needs no protection from the questions posed by our culture, we invite you to join us in seeking him here at Trinity Church.

Who are we?

Trinity Church is a recently-established independent church meeting in the centre of Oxford.

We are a mixed community – people of many nations, of many ages, students and non-students – all seeking to know Jesus better, to grow in his likeness, and to go with the message of his undeserved kindness to our neighbours near and far.

We are a congregationally governed church. We partner with other churches in Oxford and the local area through the South Central Gospel Partnership and nationally through our membership of the FIEC (a network of independent churches that exists for mutual support and encouragement). We operate within the terms of the FIEC Doctrinal Basis.