We are people who love Jesus and want to make him known in Oxford. About half of us are in full time education but beyond that we are from all backgrounds and all stages of life.  We represent many countries but we are united by the gospel.




Peter comont

I am passionate about seeing people transformed by God's Spirit as they come to know Christ, and discover the great truths about God's eternal grace. I am determined to do everything I can to enable Trinity Church to be a place where that happens.



greg brisk 

I considered myself Christian from my early teens but stopped going to church when I got my first job and for perhaps 20 years lived a self focussed life with occasional gestures to good works. When my eldest son was about 11 he asked why I dropped him at sunday school and went home - having stayed and sat under faithful Bible teaching I finally came to a true faith some 15 years ago, as did my wife Kathy and all three of our children.  I work in London and worship there mid week as well as being involved in Trinity as Treasurer, Elder & member.



Ken Giles

I became a Christian in my early teens and was blessed by two godly parents. When Mary and I arrived as a newly married couple in Oxfordshire, I spent a decade and more serving as a deacon and teaching secondary school age children at Abbey Baptist Church in Abingdon. For the last 10 years we have been involved at Magdalen Road Church Oxford teaching teenagers and more recently in the group setting up Trinity. My work as an agronomist has taken me around the countryside in the counties surrounding Oxford and has given me opportunities to share my faith with members of the farming community. I have two children Toby 27 and Naomi 24. I am the delighted grandfather of Benjamin, four months.



James Leverton

Church Student Worker

James and Emma

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home in Cambridge (which is a remarkably pretty town). Mum and Dad taught me the gospel from a young age and I whilst I have never known a day when I haven’t believed in Jesus, aged 13 I came to see the saving power of his death on the cross for me.

My better half Emma and I met whilst running a Christian Union together at our first school. Ever since then we have been inseparable, working together in Newcastle, and most recently at an international boarding school in Kenya, where we were blessed to be Houseparents to 36 excitable and charming 6-11 year olds. We are excited about the next stage of our lives in Oxford, hoping to help others come to know the joy of being in relationship with God and part of his family.


Rosie Chesterton 

Church Administrator 

IMG-20170719-WA0000 (1).jpg

Eight years ago I arrived in Oxford as an undergraduate about to embark on three years reading Theology at Mansfield College. Those three years were filled not just with fun and friendships or seventy-five essays and what felt like hundreds of books but with many challenges and encouragements to a faith I had been privileged to grow up in the knowledge of. Similar to James, there is not a time I remember when I did not believe Jesus died for me. This knowledge of Jesus' saving grace was nurtured from a very early age by my parents, youth workers, friends and through my own investigations and reading.

Eight years after arriving in Oxford as a rather terrified and somewhat overwhelmed Fresher, I have yet to leave this wonderful city. I have worked for Trinity Church since graduating four years ago - with my employment starting one month before the first official service. It has been a joy to see Trinity grow from a small group of individuals meeting in a house to the growing, vibrant and lively church it is now.

Kathleen McAllen

Director of music 

I came to Oxford in September 2015 from my hometown of Memphis, TN (USA) to do a course in Christian theology and apologetics, and I couldn’t bring myself to leave! I was awarded a BA in History from the Univ. of Tennessee in Knoxville, where I was greatly influenced and blessed by the ministry of Reformed Univ. Fellowship. After graduation, I moved to the Highlands of Scotland to do youth and childrens work, and in between my stint in Scotland and Oxford, I served as the director of after-school activities at an all-boys school back in Memphis.