Praying the Psalms

Our studies in the Psalms have shown us that God gives us words to speak to Him when we might struggle to know what to say. We have seen that the Psalms is a fruitful place to go to help us cry out to God in prayer.

Don Whitney, in his book Praying the Bible has these helpful things to say:

Our experience says, “But when I pray, frankly, it’s boring. And when we don’t feel like praying, it’s hard to make ourselves pray. Even five or six minutes of prayer can feel like an eternity. Our mind wanders half the time. We’ll suddenly come to ourselves and think, “Now, where was I? I haven’t been thinking of God for the last several minutes.” And we’ll return to that mental script we’ve repeated countless times. But almost immediately our minds begin to wander again because we’ve said the same old things about the same old things so many times.

The problem isn’t you… it’s your method.

To pray the Bible, you simply go through the passage line by line, talking to God about whatever comes to mind as you read the text. If you don’t understand the meaning of a verse, go on to the next verse. If the meaning of that one is perfectly clear but nothing comes to mind to pray about, go on to the next verse. Just speak to the Lord about everything that occurs to you as you slowly read his Word.