Do we need a Sexual Revolution?

Below is a list of excellent books that might help you reflect on the topic of sex and sexuality:

The Meaning of Marriage - Tim Keller

A clear exposition of biblical marriage, punctuated with honest and practical reflections from Tim and Kathy Keller on over 35 years of marriage. The book challenges modern misconceptions about biblical marriage whilst painting a clear picture of how God's pattern for sex and sexuality is both good and challenging.

A people to be loved.jpg

A people to be loved: why homosexuality is not just an issue - Preston Sprinkle

This book was the most challenging and humbling book I read in preparing for our dinner and discussion. Sprinkle shows that the churches attitude towards issues of sexuality has done great damage by dehumanising those who struggle to reconcile the teaching of the Bible on sex and sexuality. These are a people to be loved and cared for, just as Jesus loved and cared for a whole range of people he came into contact with. Sprinkle also honestly and fairly deals with the Biblical passages on homosexuality, in a way that is both faithful and sensitive.

A Better Story - Glynn Harrison

Provides a fascinating analysis of how the sexual revolution, started in the 1960s, has failed both individuals and societies. Professor Harrison compelling argues that the Biblical story of sex and sexuality is ultimate the only story that will lead to human flourishing.

The Plausibility Problem - Ed Shaw

An extremely raw and personal reflection on living as a Christian with Same-Sex Attraction. This book will help you to both recognise the heart ache of living with SSA whilst also paradoxically rejoicing in the God of love held out to us in the Bible. Ed Shaw persuasively argues that the biblical view of marriage as between one man and one woman is ultimately plausible and good.

Divine Sex.jpg

Divine Sex - Jonathan Grant

A perceptive analysis of a western world obsessed with sex. Jonathan Grant writes with a pastors heart, seeking to provide practical wisdom for Christians seeking to navigate a culture that seems to be living at complete odds with the teaching of the Bible. He provides a compelling case for the goodness of a biblical worldview and uses diligent research to show how we live in a society that is broken and in need of love and care.

Revolutionary Sex - William Taylor

A clear look at key issues relating to sex and sexuality. William Taylor shows how God's pattern for sex is radical and challenging but ultimately designed to give us a clearer insight into the gospel. This is a simple and helpful overview of the topic.

What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? - Kevin DeYoung

Is God anti-gay.jpg

This is the clearest and most searching assessment of the biblical passages relating to homosexuality. Particularly useful at demonstrating the weaknesses of the attempts of those who affirm homosexual practice from a biblical perspective. DeYoung writes with an awareness of the culture in which we live, seeking to be both biblically faithful and loving towards all who we might engage with.

Is God anti-gay? - Sam Allberry

This is an outstanding introduction to the question of homosexuality, written with real warmth and grace. Plenty of practical wisdom relating to how we might navigate different situations where our witness to Christ might be challenged. Essential reading for anyone and everyone.


I would also recommend anything written by Andrew Wilson on the topic. The three talks linked below are excellent introductions to difficult issues surrounding sex and sexuality.